Drinks for Acid Reflux: Beverages to reduce acid reflux problem

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Acid reflux cause irritation in chest.

Acid Reflux Drinks: Drinks provide relief from this this problem.

The problem of chest irritation erupts due to acid reflux. This is because the acid reflux formed in the stomach starts coming out from food pipe. Moreover, the acid also causes problems like inflammation, burning sensation and excessive burps. The acid reflux is formed in the stomach due to unhealthy eating habits, poor lifestyle and stress. If you do not treat the problem at the right time, then it may increase your discomfort. There are many foods or beverages that provide relief from this problem. It is important to know which beverages provide relief from acid reflux because there are some beverages, which promote the problem. If you aware of beverages that reduce the problem, you can consume them to reduce the problem of acid reflux. (Also read: pH Balance: Healthy Drinks For Balancing The pH Level of The Body)

Drinks to reduce the problem of acid reflux:

  • Ginger tea
  • Milk
  • Banana Shake
  • Low-acid juice
  1. Ginger tea
    Ginger is a natural soother and helps to reduce acid reflux production in the stomach. Mixing honey with caffeine-free ginger tea can reduce your problem at the earliest. Apart from this, the nutrients found in ginger tea provide relief from the problem of the acid reflux.
  2. Milk

    Low-fat milk provide relief from acid reflux

    Low-fat milk eliminates the problem of acid reflux but keeps in mind that high-fat content milk can make your problem worse. Almond milk is most effective because it is alkaline that helps in neutralizing your acidity. You can also lose weight with milk. To know more click here.

  3. Banana Shake
    Banana shake is an alkaline beverage that contains high amounts of pH and which neutralize your acidity. It reduces the symptoms of acid reflux. Apart from this banana shake contains 4.5 and 5.2 pH.
  4. Low-acid juice
    Apples, spinach, cucumber and peach juice are less acidic, as well as many other nutrients present in them reduce your acid production and also reduce the symptoms caused by this problem. Apart from this, it also reduces your allergies. (Also read: ABC Detox drink: Health benefits of Apple, Beetroot and Carrot Drink)

To overcome the problem of acid reflux, some drinks may be beneficial to reduce the problem. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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