Best healthy mocktail drinks to cool down in summers

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Best healthy mocktail drinks to cool down in summers

As the summers are at their peak, it is actually time to know about some healthy and refreshing cool drinks. During summers we often feel out of energy and exhausted due to extreme heat. Thus, we should try to regain that lost energy by drinking something healthy. Hence, mocktails are the best way to feel fresh. Easy to make at home, these mocktails not only provide energy to the body but also blesses your body with multiple nutrients. It is strictly unadvised to switch to cold drinks and other artificial cooling drinks as they have plenty of added flavours and sweeteners that harm the body. Thus, go natural and try some amazing mocktail at home. (Also read: What are the disadvantages of drinking coconut water)

Best healthy mocktail drinks to cool down in summers?

Cucumber lemonade: As the cucumber has a high water content in it and satiates our thirst, it is a great cooler. So, to make a cucumber lemonade you need, lemon juice, sugar, fresh mint leaves and water. To make the mocktail, chop the cucumber, add some lemon juice and sugar according to your taste. Add the mint leaves to the solution. Put the mixture on the flame on low heat and let it cook. When the sugar dissolves completely sieve the mix and add water to it. Now add some cucumber slices and lemon. Refrigerate it for sometime and then serve it cool.

Watermelon Mojito: Watermelon itself is a very refreshing fruit. It satiates the lack of water content in our body and keep us hydrated during summers. Water melon being a summer fruit is great to be consumed during the season. For this you need, watermelon, lemon juice, brown sugar and mint leaves. Add watermelon chucks in the grinder and blend it smooth. Add some lime juice and mint leaves to it. If the watermelon is not that sweet, you can add some brown sugar to it. Pour the mojito in glass full of ice and top it with mint leaves. (Also read:Amazing herbal teas which help you to relax immediately)

Mango punch: We all love mangoes and go gaga over them. Since summer is the time for mangoes, making a mango punch is thus must. For this, you need peeled mangoes, basil leaves and some brown sugar. You can have Rooh Afza to add flavour and sweetness to the punch. So, blend the mangoes completely and add some basil leaves to it. Add some brown sugar and blend it smooth. Now add some rooh afza. Pour it in glass and add some soda to it to smoothen the punch. Now top it with basil leaves. Make sure you serve it cool.

Fresh lime soda: Though this is very common, but the best and the most preferable cooler during summers. You need soda, lemon juice, lemon, mint leaves, salt, brown sugar, basil leaves, rose water. Squeeze one lemon in a glass, add brown sugar, salt, 2 spoons of rose water, basil leaves and mint leaves in it. Add soda at the end and as there will be fizz. Add some crushed ice and mint leaves to garnish it. (Also read:What are the various health benefits of drinking tamarind juice)

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