Barley water (Jau): Benefits of barley water and how to prepare it at home

Benefits of barley water and how to prepare it at home

Barley water is extremely beneficial to keep the body hydrated during summers(

Barley water(Jau sharbat): We all must be feeling exhausted because of scorching heat as the Sun is at its full toll these days. It thus becomes necessary during this time to stay hydrated and drink lots of water. But the water itself cannot satiate the need of the body and thus we need to drink something more nutritious. Barley water or Jau sharbat is thus the best summer drink to stay healthy and fit. Barley is a grain which is loaded with fibre, vitamins, minerals and other nutritious ingredients. Drinking a glass of barley water helps to keep the body cool and fit. One can even squeeze lemon juice in barley water to add taste to the same. (Also read: What are the amazing benefits of drinking barley tea)

What are the benefits of drinking barley water or Jau Sharbat?

  • Benefits of barley
  • How to prepare barley water

Benefits of barley

Benefits of barley water and how to prepare it at home
Barley is rich in fibres and helps to have healthy digestion. One must drink barley water daily.

Barley is a grain which helps to keep the body cool. It is widely used to prepare bread, muffins, chapati etc. Being rich in dietary fibres, it helps to ensure healthy digestion and also ensures good bowel movement. Not just this, it even aids weight loss. The nutrients present in barley water helps to ensure the proper functioning of the body. Drinking it daily helps to prevent the risk of kidney stones and keeps many stomach infections at bay. Besides this, sipping this healthy drink helps to regulate the level of cholesterol in the body. (Also read: Summer foods: Best and healthy foods to eat during summers)

How to prepare barley water?
You need to have barley, water, sugar or salt, lemon juice.
First wash and soak the barley overnight. Now, drain the water from the barley completely. Pour it in a cooker and add some fresh water in the same. Turn on the flame and let it become mushy. The aim is to make the barley soft and mushy. Now let it cool down. Now strain the solution. Add some sugar or salt or maybe both according to your taste. You can add lemon juice too. Add mint leaves to get the refreshing taste.

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These are the health benefits of barley and it is quite easy to prepare barley water or Jau Sharbat at home. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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