What to do during a panic attack

What to do during a panic attack

There are times when the stress gets too much to bear, and it acquires a physical form. This physical form is known as the panic attack. A panic attack is a condition when the person is suddenly gripped by an intense fear. It generates a feeling of hopelessness and suffocation. The physical signs of this condition vary from individual to individual. Sometimes these attacks can completely destroy the mental health of the person. (Also read: How To Not Give Up In The Toughest Situations)

Signs of a panic attack

  • Fear of losing control or dying.
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Excessive sweating
  • Unable to stay stable, constant trembling
  • Feeling of suffocation
  • Chills or Hot flashes
  • A headache or chest pain
  • Feeling Dizzy or lightheaded.
  • Sudden numbness (Also read: Seven ways to improve brain health)

How to cope with a panic attack

Deep breaths
The scariest part of a panic attack is the inability to breathe. Which is why it is important to work your way through it. Try to focus on the breathing process. Keep trying to move against the feeling of suffocation.

Try to distract yourself
During the panic attack, it is difficult to think of anything else. Therefore, the attack becomes much more consuming. Whenever you feel that you are stuck in such situation, try to focus on the anything other than yourself. Try to engage yourself in some other activity and distract yourself.

Open spaces
Panic attacks are sometimes triggered by closed and confined space. Being in a closed space can make you feel much more suffocated which is why it is important to find an open space. It will help the mind to relax and feel free.

Talk to a loved one
If it is an option then try to reach out to a loved one. When you speak to a person who is close to you, you feel a sense of warmth and comfort. Your loved one can help you to feel better and can talk you through the difficult time.

Give yourself a positive self-talk
It might sound difficult to do but it is important to make yourself feel secure. Your mind is trying to focus only on negative things. Which is why it is important to keep yourself positive. Keep talking to yourself during a panic attack so that the panic doesn’t harm. (Also read: What are hypersexual disorder and its symptoms)

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