What are the signs that you are actually a masochist

What are the signs that you are actually a masochist

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There are all kinds of people around the world. Each with his or her own quirks, habits and way of thinking. However, there are few people who belong to an entirely different category of people, they are called the masochists. Simply speaking, a masochist is someone who allows people to walk on all over him or her. Such people find it difficult to say no to others and as a result, they are often stuck in the most tedious and pointless task. There are people in the world that prey on such people. Therefore it is important to know if you are actually a masochist. What are the signs of it? (Also read: What is hypersexual disorder and its symptoms)

Never saying “No”
Saying no is not about hurting someone. Sometimes you need to say no to protect yourself. If you have a habit of always saying yes, then chances are that people might start seeking advantage of you.

Always pushing yourself too hard
Having an ambition is the best way to be successful. However, a masochist person is often too hard on himself to archive an unattainable idea of success.

Excessive self-criticism
There is a fine line between improving yourself and excessively criticising yourself. A masochist always looks for a chance to disrespect himself. This tendency is really harmful to a person’s mental health.

Never standing up for self
A masochist is so comfortable in being disrespect and humiliated that he forgets how to stand up for himself. As a result, he develops a very peculiar way of living.

Always rescuing people
There is a saviour tendency in the masochist. He always tries to rescue people and things. Sometimes this tendency harms the person. This habit emerges from a sense of low self-esteem.  (Also read: What is online shopping addiction and its signs)  

Nurturing the painful feeling
Most people believe in letting go of negative feelings. However, masochist doesn’t let go of the negative feelings. He holds on to them as long as possible.

Attraction to a narcissistic person
A narcissistic person is the exact opposite of a masochist. A narcissistic person is only concerned about himself, a total opposite of a masochist. So, a masochist is immediately attracted to him or her.(Also read: What is Narcissistic personality disorder)

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