What are the signs of depression relapse

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What are the signs of depression relapse

Depression is a very difficult condition. It completely takes over your mind and body. It is a difficult to win over depression but with right medication and therapy, it is possible. However, it is important to remember that road to recovery from depression is a tricky one. There are cases when a person suffers from depression recovers but even then he or she faces the depression once again. This situation is really difficult to the victim as it becomes furthermore difficult to fight depression. Depression relapse is a difficult condition to live and it makes a person’s life very miserable. Therefore it is important to recognize the signs of depression relapse. (Also read: How social media contributes to depression)

Isolation and lack of social contact
Depression relapse attacks the victims’ personal life first. The person who is dealing with depression relapse finds it hard to interact with other. He or she prefers isolation. It is the earliest sign of depression relapse.

Change in sleeping pattern
Depression takes over the person’s entire life, including his or her sleeping pattern. Either it turns into insomnia or hypersomnia. In both, the case depression starts draining the victim’s energy and strength. (Also read: What is postpartum depression and its causes)

Irritation and moodiness
It is important to watch out for this sign in the victims of depression. People with depression relapse are constantly annoyed by things around them. They keep showing their irritation by venting out on others.

Cutting off ties with partner, friends and family
The victim of depression relapse finds it hard to maintain a healthy relationship with their partner, friends and family. Therefore, they constantly try to avoid company and forming personal bonds.

Low self-esteem
This is the most common trait in the victims of the depression victims. Depression makes a person feel worthless and inadequate. Also, this affects the person’s mental health.

Change in weight and appetite
Depression relapse reflects on the appetite habits the most. Therefore, it often results in sudden weight loss or sudden weight gain. (Also read: How to help your partner to deal with depression)

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