Weight training for mental health: How weight training improves mental health

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Mental health can be improved with weigh training

Weight training for mental health

It is well-known fact that the weight training is beneficial for fitness and strength of the body. Practising weight training consistently not only helps to build strength but also enhance stamina, endurance and balance in the body. Apart from this, weight training is also associated with mental health. It is very beneficial to elevate mental as well as emotional health. Weight training triggers a positive concentration of multiple hormones in the brain. These hormones are beneficial to relieve stress. The exercises also provide a conducive environment for brain cells to grow by escalating blood flow. (Also read: How can you improve your mental health in simple ways)

Weight training for mental health: Let’s know how weight training improves mental health.

  • Confidence booster
  • Improves sleep
  • Sense of happiness
  • Better focus
  • Boosts memory
  1. Confidence booster

    Mental health can be improved by weight training.
    Mental health: Weight training is beneficial for mental health

    Weight-lifting training effectively boosts the confidence. For instance, who do not have any experience in weight-lifting, it works as the great confidence booster. It works right from and you see yourself getting stronger. This definitely has the positive impact on the mind. Moreover, making best in weightlifting gives that feeling of achievement and satisfaction which helps in improving confidence levels of individuals. (Also read: Confidence About Looks: How To Be Confident About Your Looks)

  2. Improves sleep
    The training is beneficial to improve sleep quality. Adequate sleep definitely promotes muscles tissues to repair. And it also associated with well-being, productivity and happiness. On the contrary, adequate sleep cycle increases the level of cortisol in the body. The cortisol hormone generally associated with stress and fat gain. (Also read: Sleeping tips: Sleep secrets for bodybuilders)
  3. Sense of happiness
    If you exercise with consistency, the body releases the hormone called endorphins. This hormone increases the positive feeling in the body. Being happy has a positive impact on mental health.
  4. Better focus
    Weight training is a compound exercise, which means that movement involves multiple muscles at the same time. This will help your brain to stay focused.
  5. Boosts memory
    The repetition involved in weight training also improves memory. The practice of weight-lifting training can improve both short and long-term memory.

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Weight training not only promotes physical health. The exercise also improves mental health. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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