Two Minute Practices To Deal With Anxiety 

Two Minute Practices to Deal With Anxiety

Anxiety is a particular feeling with an uncertain outcome. It contains several disorders ranging from worrying,  nervousness, uneasiness, fear and apprehension. Apart from affecting on how we feel and behave, these disorders can manifest real physical symptoms as well.

Even though mild anxiety can be tackled without many strains but severe ones can be difficult and cause a serious impact on daily life.

Mostly, anxiety is an experience of worry or fear we face before confronting something challenging such as a test, examination, recital, or interview. These are very normal.  It is considered a problem only when these symptoms interfere with a person’s ability to sleep or otherwise function. Basically, anxiety occurs when a reaction is out of proportion with what might be normally expected in a situation.

To control your mind in a more creative way is the solution to get out of this mess. Here are some secrets to shift your mindset in less than two minutes

 Recognise anxiety as your teacher

Since anxiety, panic, or just stressful thoughts popping up out of nowhere is very common things in day to day life, the best bet is not letting it derail us. If we deal with anxiety in the aptest way, it can end up being a brilliant teacher in our life.

Everyone who is troubled with anxiety will be looking for a way out. They will try to find a way to ignore it at the least if not cure it.

Rather than embracing on therapies or medications which everyone does, it would be more effective if you decide to thrive with your anxiety or panic. Yes, start dating the anxiety. Choose it as a partner. This is one of the most profound acts of self-care and self-love.

At the end of the day, anxiety is the only guide. You would understand how many times you may have felt anxious or panic-stricken for no reason. Then you will realise the situation you were in was not healthy for you.

At times, our bodies would continually send us signals about what we need and what we have to learn to listen to them fully. If we tune into our bodies, we will realise they can provide intuition regarding our surroundings, our situations, and our needs thus we don’t fall prey to things like anxiety.

Question the  thoughts which are stressful

Our experiences change according to our perception.  Our perspectives affect all areas of our lives be it in a better way or a worse one. Probably an unpleasant thought can suddenly spoil a peace of mind you have been into. There is no need of something traumatic and dramatic to make us feel dejected or dissatisfied.

So, the best deal is on how do you take back control when this type of thoughts pops up. Many a time, these thoughts arise even before you even realise what’s happening exactly. That means you should not believe every thought that enters your mind.

So, whenever one such thought enters your mind you ask these following questions to your mind, Is it true? Can I absolutely know it is true? These can shift your perspective and control you from toxic thoughts.

Move your body and breath

You can shift your mindset in a flash just using your body and your breath. But you don’t need to hit an hour long yoga class or spend 45 minutes in lotus pose. Those will definitely help, but just a few minutes of simple stretching and breathing can get your nervous system back to baseline. This can help you communicate to your body in a more effective way.

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