Tips to feel happier instantly during an unhappy time

Tips to feel happier instantly during an unhappy time


Living in this world is like riding a roller-coaster. Incidents happen and we get caught up. When sorrow arrives, we forget what is important to us. We feel sad, stressed and feel like everything is happy and cheerful except us. The depression occupies our mind gradually. It comes just to make us realise that happiness and sadness both have to be alert to welcome each other. The real happy person is not in a lesser ground of sadness. He is also as stressed as you are. But he knows how to overcome sadness for better mental health.

Hence, to be a really happy person, you can follow these absolutely positive tips during your sorrowful days.

Make a different frame:
When something sorrowful happens with you, try finding the positive aspects of that. Everything happens for a good cause, even though you can not find the way of hope. Reframe the whole incident. You will definitely find out the happy perspective or the positive side of the whole scenario. For example, if somebody loses his job, he should not feel depressed for that. Temporary sadness is acceptable but one must look forward to searching for better and fresh job. A happy man always makes the happy frame of the story rather than moving to the deluge of sadness.

Stay connected:
Happy people have their happy network around them. They love to connect with their family, friends and most importantly positive people. They always activate their happy network in their happy days and as well as in their tough days. These happy folks know that when happiness cultivates, it spreads massively and when sorrow is shared it halved. Therefore, when you feel depressed or depleted, reach out to your happy network and see how your circumstance changes.

Be grateful:
Whatever you have, are your asset. You don’t need to think about to get more in your life. Be grateful to your belongings. Studies have shown that those who are happy with their present situation and their assets, they remain happier than those who always look for more and more objects and happiness. For example, if somebody is getting a particular amount of money which is not a big amount but he feels happy as his life goes well enough with that. But another person, who is getting double amount of money but looking for getting more money and happiness, is not a happy person. So, stay happy in whatever situation you are dealing with. Always remember, there are many people who have less money and happiness than what you have.

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