Work anxiety: How to relax quickly when the work anxiety strikes

how to relax when the stress and anxiety strikes

Some tips help to relax instantly when you feel stressed out and anxious.

Work anxiety: Feeling anxious and stressed out while we are at work is normal. We all have to deal with a lot of pressure to meet the deadlines and to complete the task. It builds an undue pressure on the mind. Thus, it is essential to know some quick tips in which you can relax your mind. Our lifestyle, eating habits, unhealthy habits, stressed up routine etc. adds to the stress of the mind and the body. Eventually, a slight stress or tension gives extreme pressure to the mind. In such a situation, we must try to figure out some quick ways to provide instant relief to our mind. It will not impact our productivity and will also enhance our mood. (Also read: De-stress in one minute- Tips to relax in just 60 seconds)

Quick tips to relax when the work anxiety strikes

  • Drink water and listen to music
  • Take a break and go for a quick walk
  • Eat healthy food
  • Smell some relaxing essential oil
  • Press your pressure points

Drink water and listen to music

natural ways to relax instantly and get destressed
Work anxiety: Whenever you feel anxious and stressed out, drink some water.

When you feel stressed out or tensed at work, immediately get up and have some water. Water helps you to feel fresh instantly. Besides this, listen to your favourite music. Instead of something loud and violent, hear some soothing songs. It will help your mind to gain some rest and peace.

Take a break and go for a quick walk
Monotony and constant sitting give you stress. You need to freshen up your mind. For this, you must take a short break after every one hour. It will keep you fresh. If you have a meeting and it is possible to take a walking meeting. You don’t need to necessarily sit. Besides this, you can even go for a short walk on the lawn to breathe some fresh air.

Eat healthy food
Our eating habits also decide the pressure on our mind, Unhealthy food disturbs the balance of our body and makes us stressed out. Thus, eat fresh fruits, nuts, lemon, wheat crackers etc. You will feel energetic instantly. (Also read: What are the best superfoods for fighting stress)

Smell some relaxing essential oil

how to cope up with anxiety instantly
How to relax: Essential oils help to get rid of work anxiety instantly.

Smelling some essential oil helps to instantly sooth your mind and body. You can always keep a soothing essential oil with you. Whenever anxiety strikes you, apply a bit of the essential oil to your fingertips, tip of the nose and on the forehead. It will help you to relax instantly. You can use lavender, citrus, orange, sandalwood essential oil in your pocket. (Also read: Which essential oils help to cope up with anxiety and stress)

Press your pressure points
If you are too much stressed out or anxious while at work, take a quick break and try to press your pressure points. Press your neck, palms, feet, back, the bottom of the head etc. to release the tension from the mind.

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These are some of the effective ways in which you can relax instantly when the stress strikes on you and you become anxious about the work. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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