Why is stress dangerous for one’s life

Why is stress dangerous for one's life?

Stress leaves an everlasting impact on our mind and health. It gradually worsens the condition of our body to an extent that it becomes difficult to cope with the same. Stress has an adverse effect on the mental condition and causes physical impairment.

The reason why stress is most intoxicated in life:

Stress is responsible for the formation of hormones in our body. The stress hormones regulate the genes and level of storage in our body. It also affects the age factor and the chronic diseases which can affect our body. (Also read: How to get rid of the chronic stress)

Causes damage to brain: Stress hormones leave an everlasting impact on some major parts of the brain. They affect the Hippocampus adversely, the part of the brain which is responsible for memory. It leads to a severe headache and uneasiness. (Also read: Some important facts about stress)

Affects the immunity of the body: Stress hormones reduce the immunity of the body and makes the body an easy target to infections and leads to other long lasting diseases in the body.

Reduces metabolism and the tendency to detoxify: Stress at an extreme level causes the major reduction in the metabolism of the body and also lead to the desire of consuming high sugar level. It also affects the natural tendency of the body to produce enzymes that break down the food and thus detoxify our body.

Impacts the sex hormones: A prolonged state of stress leaves an everlasting impact on the sex hormones, the circulation of testosterone and oestrogen in the body thus, resulting in the production fewer sexual hormones.

Makes bones and muscles weak: Stress is harmful to even the muscles of our body. As per studies, the stress also leads to muscular pain and it even weakens the bones of our body.

Leads to Inflammation: Stress also leads to increase the inflammation level of the body. It results in constipation and formation of bad bacteria inside the body. The obstacle in excretion of this bad bacteria results in many stomach related diseases in the body.

Bad for a heart: Stress is worst for people suffering from the heart-related disease. Stress boost up the blood pressure and releases stress hormones. It ultimately affects our heart and also lowers down the pace of blood circulation in the body.

As per studies and investigation, the stress is unhealthy for us in every possible way. Not just our physical health it also affects our mental status. The prolonged stress will ultimately take us towards depression and ill health.

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