Which essential oils help to cope up with anxiety and stress

Which essential oils help to cope up with anxiety and stress

Essential oils are aromatic and quite soothing. They instantly calm the mind and leaves it afresh. There are some essential oils which help to improve the flow of the blood when they are applied to the body. It soothes the mind and reduces the feeling of anxiety completely. Essential oils like lavender, lime oil, grapefruit oil etc. help to get rid of the stress and bring peace to the mind. It is one of the best natural ways to deal with the anxiety and get rid of stress. Even a study was conducted to prove the effect of essential oils on the brain and the body. It was thus revealed that essential oil helps to regulate the blood pressure and also eradicates stress completely. (Also read: How to prepare yourself to deal with the stressful situation)

Which essential oils help to cope up with anxiety and stress?

Lavender essential oil: Lavender oil has very soothing and calming impact on the brain and the body. It helps to relax and attain peace in the mind and the body. It helps to soothe the heartbeat rate and also relieves the stress from the mind. One can apply the lavender essential oil on the forehead to soothe the pain in the head. Besides this, smelling of the lavender oil directly also helps to get rid of the stress. One can even have a lavender herbal tea to improve the functioning of the brain and give up anxiety.

Rose essential oil: Rose essential oil helps to heal the heart and get rid of anxiety. It reduces the stress on the mind and also works wonderfully to get rid of the panic attack. It provides warmth to the body that helps to cope up with the stress. You can directly inhale the rose essential oil or can even apply it on your wrist to get its aromatic feeling. (Also read: Eight silent signals that suggest you are way too stressed)

Peppermint essential oil: We all are aware of the benefits of peppermint. However, peppermint essential oil is extremely useful to get rid of the stress and anxiety. It contains menthol that provides the cooling sensation to the mind. It helps to keep you alert and helps to bring peace to the restlessness of mind. You can add it to the room freshener or can inhale it directly while you feel stressed out. You can also apply it on your shoulder, wrist and on the tip of the nose to get the slight impact throughout the day.

Lemongrass essential oil: Lemongrass oil has medicinal properties and effectively helps to deal with the stress. It relieves the anxiety and stress from the brain with its aromatic property. It provides relaxation to the mind. Either inhale it directly to get the freshness from it. Besides this, you can also add it to the air to get constant relief.

Orange essential oil: Orange is one citrus fruit that helps to calm our nerves. Using an orange essential oil helps to get rid of the anxiety and the stress completely. One can inhale it directly to soothe the mind and the anxiety. You can also add it to the room freshener to have a slight aromatic presence of the same. (Also read: Causes of stress in adults and know how to overcome it)

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