What are the things you do every day that encourage stress

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What are the things you do every day that encourage stress

Most of the times we think of stress as a problem that is the result of conflict on the outside. However, this is not always true, often we don’t recognize our own mistakes. Stress is a mental condition that is a result of pressure and anxiety. Most of the people spend all there time thinking about the things that are not going well or the things that might not go well in the future. In such cases, the cause of stress is not something on the outside but the person itself. It might sound difficult to believe but the real culprit of stress is you yourself. There are many things that people do that push the mind in a state of stress and anxiety. It is important to know what are things you are doing that are leading stress. (Also read: How to eliminate stress with positive self-talk)

Negative self-talk
The way you talk to yourself is the most crucial thing for your mental health. Stress is mostly the result of negative self-talk. When you start focusing on negative thoughts and ideas, you are actually encouraging stress.

Inability confront the real issue
Every now and then we face difficult situations. These situations are often the main reason behind your high-stress levels. When you face such situation, then it is important to take the lead and face them. The more you try to hide from the issues the more your mental health suffers. (Also read: What are the major myths about stress)

Being a pessimist
Pessimist people are the ones that focus on the negative possibility of any situation. This type of attitude towards life is the very harmful as when you only think of negative things, then you start suffering from stress. This kind of thinking makes the mind believe that there is no way out. As a result, the mind accepts stress as a part of life.

Overthinking means making too much of a small thing. Some people have a habit of reading too much in the lines, as a result, they make themselves stressed about it. (Also read: 4 Amazing Tips To Beat The Monday Blues)

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