What are the reasons and causes of Morning headache and migraine?

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What are the reasons and causes of Morning headache and migraine?

A morning headache is a common complaint of 1 out of every 15 individual. While there are many reasons for a morning headache like sleep deprivation, depression, anxiety and many other health issues could be the probable reasons. Suffering from a morning headache once a while is normal whereas complaining for the same in regular intervals is a cause of worry.

What causes a morning headache?

Sometimes the adrenaline rush in the body is more during the morning hours, which may lead to migraine headaches. On one hand, lack of sound sleep could be the leading cause of a morning headache, on the other hand, some prolonged ailment might be disturbing you. Let’s study about them in detail:

Insomnia: Lack of quality sleep or a complete no sleep is often termed as insomnia. If a person is not having sufficient sleep and is awake for a prolonged period of time, he will definitely encounter a headache in the morning.

Therapies and Medication can treat the same. Making changes in the sleep patterns can also be beneficial for some.

Grinding teeth: Grinding teeth or Bruxism is one of the most common causes of a morning headache. A morning headache also leads to pain in the gums and the jawline causing damage to the teeth.

Well, it can be treated by visiting a dentist and taking proper treatment of teeth. One must also seek stress reduction therapies for the same.

Depression: A depressed person finds it hard to sleep at night. With the constant inflow of thoughts, escaping normal sleep is quite common. This leads to a morning headache or a migraine.

There is an urgent need to talk to your doctor and seek medical attention. Therapies and medications can combine and help in coming out of depression.

Stress on muscles: Stressed or strained muscles are one of the causes of a morning headache. Poor sleeping posture and wrong side of sleeping might lead to the same. If the muscles of the neck are not in proper position, they will eventually lead to a headache.

One must take care of the pillow in use and try to sleep in a right posture. Besides this one can look out for physiotherapy to reduce the stress on the neck.

Excessive intake of medicines: There are certain medicines which create hindrance in proper sleep. If you are suffering from some other medical issues and taking medicines for the same, try to talk to your doctor to replace those tablets.

So try to visit your healthcare provider in case you often come across a morning headache. Besides this involve yourself in physical activities to make your mind tired, so that you can sleep properly at night. Sometimes, making little changes in your lifestyle and sleeping patterns can do wonders and help to tackle the problem of a morning headache.

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