What are the major myths about stress

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What are the major myths about stress

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Stress is the most common problem nowadays. Due to constant work pressure, worries, tension and anxiety there is no way out for stress. Stress takes over our lives and we don’t even realize it, and when we do by then it is too late. However, there are many myths about stress as well. These myths make it hard to get rid of stress. Stress is a mental condition and like any other health problem, there are several ways to overcome stress. However, the myths about stress make the problem much more difficult. Therefore, it is important to bust the myths about stress and make the life easier and the brain healthier. (Also read: What Are The Everyday Habits That Are Causing You Stress)

You don’t have stress if don’t show physical signs of stress
Everyone has their own way of responding to stress. Some people respond to stress physically. That means elevated heart rate, headache, lack of sleep etc. However, there is no hard and fast rule or guidelines for stress. Some people might not appear stressed but deep down they are the ones suffering as well. (Also read: Is stress ruining your relationship)

Smoking and alcohol can help with stress
Stress is a mental condition which requires attentive help. However, many people think that you can reduce stress by using addictions like smoking and alcohol. This is completely untrue. In contrast, smoking and drinking only increase the stress. They are very unhealthy habits that damage your mental health.

Stress is due to negative emotions
Negative emotions certainly have an impact on stress level, but it is not the only reason for stress. Sometimes stress is completely situational like if someone is scared of travelling via an aeroplane, and he or she gets stuck in such situation then it will cause stress.

Stress causes grey hair
Greying of hair is something that people directly link to stress. However, that is not entirely true, stress may affect the body but there is no direct link between grey hair and stress. (Also read: Four effective ways to balance your cortisol level in one day)

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