What are the key causes of stress

What are the key causes of stress

In today’s fast-moving world nobody is unaware of the word stress. Stress is a mental condition that is affected by physical, mental and social factors. It affects every individual differently but if left unchecked it can be dangerous for the person’s mental health. Stress has been divided into two main type. The good stress and the bad stress. The good stress helps in providing motivation and increasing productivity. Whereas the bad stress causes anxiety and tension. Bad stress harms the person as it focuses on the negative side of the life. Stress is turning into a universal problem. Everyone has his or her own way of dealing with stress but to deal with stress it is important to understand the causes of stress. [Also read:  Causes Of Stress And Anxiety In The Modern World]

Work stress
Work related stress is the most common cause of stress. If a person is unhappy in his or her job or is not recognized for the hard work. All this leads to stress. Working in dangerous conditions, lack of job security, or facing discrimination can also cause stress and anxiety.

Stress related to personal life
A person’s personal life affects his or her well-being the most. Many personal issues like loss of a dear one, divorce, break up etc. can affect the mental health of a person. Personal stress is one of the worst kind as it difficult to handle. Personal stress affects work life as well, that leads to work stress at the same time.[Also read: What Are The Symptoms Of Stress?]

Health stress
While dealing with chronical stress, a person tends to think negatively about life. This causes a great deal of stress, not only to the person who is suffering but also the one living with him or her.

Financial stress
When a person is unable to earn enough to live the desired life. It causes financial stress. Due to lack of money management may people fall in debt. That can cause a great deal of stress.

Post-traumatic stress
If a person has gone through a traumatic incident it leaves a mark on their mind. Be it a family feud, or a personal loss, or any tragic accident, all these things can lead to Post traumatic stress.[Also read: Causes of stress in adults and know how to overcome it]

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