What Are The Health Problems That Happen Due To Stress

What Are The Health Problems Happen Due To Stress

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Your mental health and physical health are inter-related to each other. When one gets sick, it will drag other too. Stress is the most common and popular mental illness. When stress occurs, it feels awful emotionally. But when stress overcomes the mind, it attacks our physical health too. Doctors have found out a plenty of health problems happened due to stress. From heart disease to diabetes stress can raise many health problems like these. (Also Read: Minimise stress by avoiding few bad habits)

It is important to keep our mental health stronger. It helps to strengthen the physical health too. But, you should be aware of the health problems first which come through stress. It will help you to diagnose if you are in the trap of stress or not. Here are the diseases:

Heart disease:
Many types of research have proved that when a person is stressed out, there is a higher risk of high blood pressure and other heart diseases. Stress directly increases the heart rate and blood flow. It releases the cholesterol and triglycerides into the blood flow tracks. Moreover, stress increases the likelihood of obesity and smoking habits which are indirectly related to heart problems. Other than that, a sudden emotional stress, especially in adults can cause a heart attack.

Stress can make Diabetes worse. Both the types are at risk if the patient is suffering from stress too. First of all, stress increases the habit of unhealthy eating and excessive drinking. Second, The way is unknown but stress is prone to raise the glucose levels of those who already suffer from type 2 diabetes. This makes diabetes more dangerous than it actually is. (Also Read: How to manage the stress of life efficiently?)

Stress can bring obesity in our lives. Excess fat in the belly is at greater risk than the fat on the thighs and hips. When a person is highly stressed out, he is prone to add more fat on the belly area only. As we have already mentioned, stress increases the huge level of cholesterol in the blood stream. So, it is understood that obesity can be raised by this. Moreover, the hormone cortisol secretion can also happen by stress. It is another reason for obesity because it increases the amount of fat that’s deposited in the abdomen.

Gastric Problems:
Stress can make stomach ulcers worse. It brings many Gastric and digestion relation disorders like GI conditions, chronic heartburn, acid reflux etc and IBS which is irritable bowel syndrome. It is not clear that how exactly stress occurs the hindrance in our gastric system but it is proved that when a person is stressed out deeply, he has to experience all these digestion and gastric problems.

It is proven that stress can make asthma worse. Moreover, if a parent is suffering from chronic stress, the children might develop the risk of having asthma. The kids with stressed out parents have a substantially higher risk of developing asthma. (Also Read: Do These Things To Stay Positive And Get Relief From Stress)

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