What are the surprising signs that say your body is under stress

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What are the surprising signs that say your body is in stress

The stress of work, responsibilities of family, the pressure of exams and studies, career choices etc. makes you stressed out. There are many other things which can make you stressed out. It may differ from person to person. However, at times, stress is not harmful to the body as long as it is not interfering with your health. It gives you the power to work harder and in an efficient manner. Too much stress not only keeps you depressed but also affect your brain excessively. The body stress leads to other problems as well. Thus, you should read out the signs of your body in a wiser manner. (Also read: How to prepare yourself to deal with the stressful situation)

What are the surprising signs that say your body is under stress?

Fluctuation in weight: Earlier your weight used to be constant, now it is gradually fluctuating too much. It shows that your body is under stress. When you are stressed out, there is a release of cortisol hormone in your body, which affects the metabolism of your body. This affects the weight of your body.

Lack of concentration: If you are finding it difficult to concentrate on your work now, which was not the case earlier, then this indicates you are under stress. Stress increases the nervous tension in your body and you are unable to work with concentration. (Also read: Which essential oils help to cope up with anxiety and stress)

Hair fall: According to studies, too much stress in the body, leads to hair fall. If you notice the lack of volume in your hair and you even the right diet is not helping you out, then it is clear your body is under stress.

Trouble in sleeping: Studies say that excess stress disturbs the daily sleep of an individual. If you are not able to sleep properly at night for a long time, it shows you are stressed out. Insomnia is one of the loudest sign of stress. You must consult your doctor.

Frequent headache: A headache can be due to many reasons which people often do not pay much attention to. In this case, you fail to understand whether a headache is normal or the body is too stressed out. However, the studies show that emotional and physical stress could be the probable causes of a frequent headache. (Also read: Eight silent signals that suggest you are way too stressed)

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