Eight silent signals that suggest you are way too stressed

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What are the silent signals that suggest you are stressed

Stress is one of the most dangerous states. There are many symbols which suggest that our body is trapped by the chronic state of stress. But sometimes, these symptoms are not regular. Some of the most unusual symptoms of stress are hard to judge as we mistake them as being some uneasiness or problem. Sometimes stress is good but does not let this stress hold you completely. (Also read: Five myths associated with stress)

Here is the list of some silent signals of stress:

Unbearable menstrual cramps: Women who are deeply in stress, suffer from more chronic pain during their menstrual cycle. This is due to the disturbance in the hormonal balance in the body. It is often mistaken as a natural pain but it is due to your stressful state. One should try to hit gym or practice Yoga during this time to ease the pain.

Pain in the mouth: Most of us have the habit of teeth grinding at night. This leads to the sore jaw and eventually, the condition worsens when there is acute stress in the body. One cannot imagine that this pain in the jaw is because of the stress. So visit your dentist if you encounter the same problem next time to find out the real cause. (Also read: Know the signs of stress before it overtakes you)

Unusual dreams: Our dreams suggest a lot about our mental state. When we are in stress, it is hard for us to sleep properly at night. This disturbed sleep leads to disturbing dreams which eventually affects our further sleep. According to a study, when we sleep more, we dream good and positive.

A headache: It is the most common symptom but we often mistake the real cause behind it. When you are excessively stressed out you tend to get migraine attacks or more severe headache. Thus, it is essential that you take good care of your health and manage your schedule in such a way that you are not stressed.

An onset of acne: When you are in a state of chronic stress, you will see that the acne keeps on sprouting on your skin. This is due to the increased inflammation in the body. This is also due to the over activeness of stress hormone in the body. Thus, one should see a dermatologist at the earliest.

Sweet tooth turns on: It’s not always your menstrual cycle that asks you for more sweets and chocolates. It is your stress hormones that eventually increase demanding more sugar intake.

Itchy skin: According to the study done by the researchers, itchy skin is because of the chronic stress. When you are in stress there is a disturbance in the hormonal balance. It even makes the problems of eczema and psoriasis more chronic and threatening.

Stomachache: The more the stress, the more is the pain in the belly. When you are in stress, your belly, head, body tend to become painful due to excessive formation of the stress hormone.

Though there are multiple signs that suggest you are in stress, there are few signs that give mixed signals and thus it becomes hard to find out the real cause. ( Also read: How to get rid of stress from your life?)

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