Popular stress myths: Common stress myths that actually increase your stress

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Myths about stress that make you more stress

Popular myths about stress that make you more stress

Stress has now turned into a common problem in people’s everyday life. Due to stress, the person does not feel like doing any work or just feels very overwhelmed with it. During this time you need to reduce the stress, otherwise, it starts to dominate your mental health along with physical health. People adopt many methods to keep themselves healthy and to overcome stress. Some of which can not work well because people believe in various kinds of myths related to stress. These myths make it hard for the person to fight stress. Let’s bust these myths. (Also read: De-stress in one minute- Tips to relax in just 60 seconds)

Stress myths that actually increase your stress

  • Watching Television can distract you
  • Smoking
  • Ignoring the stress
  • Oversharing your problems
  • Spending time on social media

Watching Television can distract you
Many people think that it is better to watch Television during stressful times. Watching a TV just makes a person lazy and destroys his time.  (Also read: How to avoid stress while working with a difficult boss)


Myths about stress that make you more stress
Stress Myths: Smoking doesn’t help to reduce stress

Many people start smoking when they are dealing with stress. These people feel that smoking will help in reducing stress. It will harm your system a lot. This actually increases the level of cortisol in the body and leads to many health problems. (Also read: Best ways to get rid of anxiety in just 60 seconds)

Ignoring the stress
Many people think that ignoring the condition of stress is helpful to get rid of it. However, this only increases the stress and puts a burden on your mental health. Best thing is to resolve it. (Also read: Which essential oils help to cope up with anxiety and stress)

Oversharing your problems
Talking about someone or talking about the cause of your tension reduces the stress. It makes you feel good. But telling more people about your stress increases your stress.

Spending time on social media
Nowadays people have become addicted to social media. People do not complete the day without having to check social media. But all this stuff increases your stress. There are new negative thoughts on social media that increase your stress.

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So, adopt healthy methods to reduce stress, instead of believing myths. Click the link to read this in Hindi as well.

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