Impact of stress on hair: How stress affects your hair in the worst possible manner

stress affects you hair in the worst possible manner

Stress and hair:: Impact of stress on the hair

There may be many reasons for the stress in a person’s life. Some people get stressed because of office work or some problems in the home or some personal issues. There can be many reasons for any person to get stressed. The reasons are different from each other. People feel that stress affects the person only mentally, but it is not so. It affects you physically also. The impact of stress and tension can also be seen on your skin and hair. This leads to the problem of falling of hair, hair turning grey. With the help knowing about some signs, you can recognize that the stresses are affecting your hair. So let us know how stress affects your hair. (Also read: Cortisol: Signs You Have Excessive Cortisol)

Impact of stress on the hair

  • Grey hair
  • Thining of the hair
  • Appearing dull and lifeless
  • Hair fall

Grey hair

Impact of stress on the hair
Stress and hair: Grey hair can be caused by stress

There are many reasons that can lead to grey hair like genetics, chemical. However, even stress can lead to grey hair. (Also Read: Four effective ways to balance your cortisol level in one day)

Thining of the hair
If you are affected by stress, the person does not eat healthy foods and he does not even eat food at a proper time. Due to which the person can not even get the proper amount of nutrients. Nutrient deficiency also stops the growth of hair, due to which the hair starts to get thin. (Also read: What are the surprising signs that say your body is under stress)

Appearing dull and lifeless
When you suffer from excessive stress, its effect appears on your body. Which can be seen on your hair the most. In times of stress, the nutrients are unable to reach your hair, due to which it appears to be lifeless and dry. (Also read: Habits that keep you away from stress)

Hair fall
Stress leads to the release of the cortisol hormones which leads to the production of waste materials around hair follicles. Because of which your hair becomes thin and dry and the problem of hair loss starts.

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So, if you notice these changes in your hair then it is better to watch out for the signs. Click the link to read this article in Hindi.

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