How verbal abuse causes stress in life

How verbal abuse causes stress in life

Stress can be the result of many things in life like financial condition, personal issues or work issues. However, many people fail to understand that verbal abuse can be a reason for stress as well. People don’t take verbal abuse as a serious cause of stress. From your parents’ to your teachers in school to your boss in office, everyone has been verbally abusive towards you in some way or the other. Stress caused by the verbal abuse is often ignored. When people complain about verbal abuse and how it is caused them stress, then they are brushed off. Stress is a real issue that should be acknowledged and treated well. (Also read: How is stress shortening your life span)

How verbal abuse contributes to stress?

Verbal abuse makes the person feel unworthy
The way you feel about yourself has a direct impact on your stress level. When you constantly face verbal abuse then the feeling of positivity and optimism get snatched away. As a result, you feel stressed and anxious about yourself.

Verbal abuse in the office
Most of the people connect stress to their office lives. The main reason behind it is verbal abuse in office. When your manager or your boss doesn’t treat you with respect and discards your professional skills, then you start connecting it with your productivity. Due to constant verbal abuse, the productivity and mental health of the employee suffer causing rise the levels of stress.

Toxic relationship
Relationships are about finding someone who believes in you, encourages you and treats you with respect. However, if you are in a relationship in which you are constantly the victim of verbal abuse that it affects your stress levels. A toxic relationship can make you completely stressed and worried.

Negative self-talk
The way you speak to yourself reflects a lot on your stress levels. Negative self-talk makes you the abuser or the victim. Therefore, it is a major cause of stress. (Also read: What are the things you do every day that encourage stress)

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