How is stress shortening your life span

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How is stress shortening your life span

Stress is a serious mental condition. Effects of stress are not limited to mental health only. Stress has a grave impact on the physical well-being of the person. Our body releases the cortisol hormone when we are stuck in an adverse condition or in a challenging condition. This is the main reason behind the stressed mind. When our mind is stress then we are unable to deal with day to day crisis in our lives. All these things lead to premature ageing. The impact of stress on the physical health of the person is very deep. It makes the body age before the actual time. People who deal with stress on a regular basis appear older than their real age. (Also read: What are the things you do every day that encourage stress)

What is the relationship between stress and premature ageing?

The effect of stress appears directly on your face and body. As a result, you start appearing older than your actual age. Most of the times, people don’t take these things seriously but it is the fact. Excessive stress can reduce the life span of the body. This is the result of the damage caused to the DNA. The stress impacts the health of your heart, your brain and your body. As a result, the body starts ageing fast. (Also read: What are the key causes of stress)

The effect of stress on the DNA of the body

If a person is exposed to chronic stress for a long time, then the stress can cause serious damage to the body. In fact, over the time stress starts destroying the important parts of the DNA. The term DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic acid. This damage leads to premature ageing process. Cronic stress reduces the level of Telomeres. Telomeres are the ones responsible for forming the DNA strands. When the telomeres are damaged then it leads to serious damage to the DNA. DNA is linked to the well being of the entire body. As a result, the stress actually harms the entire body and shortens the life span of the person. (Also read: How to eliminate stress with positive self-talk)

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