How Does Stress Affect Your Digestion Process

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How Stress Affects Your Digestion Process

The digestion problem occurs when you face difficulty in digesting the food. You may suffer from bloating, nausea and abdominal pain. Intolerance towards certain foods and allergies may be the reason. However, there is also a major cause of depression which you frequently avoid and that is stress. A stress can not only hinder your mental health but also your digestion process. If you have a stressful mind, your body too responds to it giving you indigestion. Hence, stress affects your digestion process severely. [Also Read: How art helps to fight stress every day]

How Stress Affects The Digestion Process?

The process of digestion is regulated by nervous system which includes millions of nerves that communicate with the central nervous system. When stress strikes central nervous system shuts down the blood flow thereby, affects the contraction of the digestive muscles. It decreases the number of secretions needed for digestion.

The stress causes inflammation to your gastrointestinal system hence, leading to the digestive problem. It can also lead to the increased production of acids in your stomach causing indigestion. You may have experienced sometimes that when you are under stress, you tend to feel nausea and weakness. In some cases, you may also get loose motion or constipation. Thus, this is all because your nervous system has the control of your digestive system. [Also Read: How To Get Rid Of Family Stress]

How To Prevent Digestion Problem When Stressed Out?

Suffering from a digestive problem when you are stressed out can be a common scenario. However, to get rid of the same, the prime thing you need to do is stop thinking much. You must release your stress in order to keep your gastric system and overall body in a healthy way.

In order to release stress, you can take some therapies like talking to someone or a music therapy.

You must also not eat foods which cause allergies to you especially when you have stress. This may cause more problem.

Doing light exercise can also be helpful in treating stress and digestion. [Also Read: How Sound Therapy Can Reduce Your Anxiety]

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