UP Board Result 2018: How To Deal With The Anxiety Before The Result Comes

How To Deal With The Anxiety Before The Result Comes

We all experience such times when the palpitation and stress increase to a great level. This mostly happens before the result time. Many children go through such traumatic environment this time. But the fact is, pressurising your brain with stress and anxiety will not change the content you have written on the examination. So, increasing your headache, insomnia and anxiety will not solve any purpose. You should know how to keep yourself calm and de-stressed this time. Have a look a the following know how to deal with this stressful situation and calm yourself.

1. Do not think about the consequences. Try to think about the future perspectives and keep calm.

2. Always think positive. If you will keep thinking about the negative perspectives, then it will make your more depressed and anxious.

3. Talk to your friends more and try to divert your brain. Discuss what stream are they going to take or where they will go for the vacation etc.

4. Meet your cousins, family member and the good friend so that you feel better and stay away from this stressful situation.

5. If you want, do some creative stuff like photography, painting, crafting etc. These things will help you to divert your brain from the tension of the results.

6. Go out with somewhere. eat your favourite food, meet friends and try to relax your mind in a good way.

7. Listen to some good music. This activity relaxes your mind and helps you to manage the stress and anxiety happening with you.

UP Board 2018 exams results are about to come. Around 34,04,571 students took UP Board Class 10 examination this year. The exams started from 6th of February and ended on 22nd February. For 12th board examination, around 26,24,681 students appeared for UP Board 2018 Class 12th examinations which began from 6th February to 12th March.

The number of students sitting for UP Board Examination 2018 has increased from the last year. Around 34,01,511 students appeared for UP Board class 10 and approximately 26,54,492 students of UP Board class 12th sat for the exam last year. In fact, last year, girls scored better than boys in UP Board examinations. In UP board class 10, girls success rate was 86.50. While boys had only 76.75 percent. However, in class 12th UP Board exams 2017, boys passing rate was 77.16 percent while girls had 88.80 percent success rate. Overall, the scale of passing percentage in UP Board class 10th stood at 81.18 percent. However, 82.62 percent students passed successfully in UP Board class 12th in 2017.

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