Box Breathing: How to do box breathing to relieve stress and what are it’s benefits

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What are the benefits of box breathing and how to do it

Box breathing: One must perform box breathing daily to get rid of stress.

Box Breathing: In case of danger, our body starts working in a reverse manner to the normal functioning of the body. You feel stressed out during this time. Besides the mental and physical torture, your behaviour also starts getting affected. However, one can try to perform box breathing for the same. Box breathing is a form of breathing only which helps to manage the stress and works as an exercise. It not only helps to get rid of stress but also improves your focus. Let’s discuss the benefits and process of doing box breathing. (Also read: Amazing Health Benefits Of Deep Breathing)

Box breathing: Steps to do box breathing and its benefits

  • What is box breathing
  • How to do box breathing
  • Benefits of box breathing

What is box breathing?
Box breathing is a technique in which you take a deep breath. It helps to provide relief to the feeling of stress and improves concentration. It is also known as far square breathing. This can be really effective for those who practice meditation.

How to do box breathing?

how to do box breathing and what are its benefits
Box breathing: Box breathing helps to get rid of the problem of stress.

Step 1: Sit in a comfortable chair which helps to provide support to the body.
Step 2: Close your eyes and breathe in from the nose slowly. Simultaneously count 4. Feel the air pass to your lungs.
Step 3: Hold your breath till the count of 4.
Step 4: Now slowly exhale and count to 4 while exhaling.
Step 5: Repeat the process for 5 minutes.

Benefits of box breathing

  • Taking a deep breath helps to control and relax the autonomic nervous system.
  • Box breathing helps to reduce the level of cortisol in the body and helps to get rid of the stress.
  • It also helps to increase focus and improve your concentration.
  • Daily practising of box breathing helps to improve the mental stability and positivity.
  • Besides this, practising this exercise helps to get rid of depression, anxiety.

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These are some of the ways in which can do box breathing properly. You can read this article in Hindi too.

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