4 Amazing Tips To Beat The Monday Blues

4 amazing tips to beat the Monday blues

Monday is the most crucial day of the week. It is the day when you start working at your office or college or school. However, some people associate Monday with the most stressful day of the week. This is known as the ‘Monday blues’. It means starting the week with negative thoughts. These thoughts usually relate to stress and anxiety about the week ahead. Most people spend their weekend in a stress-free state, but when Monday comes the stress appears. It is important to understand the cause of stress on a Monday and deal with it. Having a great start of the week can keep your whole week stress-free. Therefore, it is must that you find ways to deal with Monday blues and turn them into Happy Mondays. (Also read: What are the key causes of stress)

Don’t leave the work pending for Monday
This is the most common reason for Monday. Most people leave their extra work for Monday. Therefore the task list on Monday keeps increasing. This leads to Monday blues. The easiest solution for this to wrap up all your work before the weekend, so that you can face Monday without stress and anxiety.

Make a list of things you are excited about on Monday
It is can be a small thing like meeting your favourite colleague or finally finishing off your project or anything like that. Making a list will make you feel positive about going to the office and getting back in the work mode. (Also read: How to eliminate stress with positive self-talk)

Stay away from work during the weekend
If you constantly work every day then you will not be able to appreciate the importance of Monday. Keep your work aside on weekends and relax. This is important cause then you will have renewed interest towards your work,

Sleep well on Sunday night
It is important to be ready and stress-free to take on the Monday blues. Therefore you must take a full night’s rest to maintain your energy on Monday.

All these tips will surely help you to get the stress-free and happy Monday! (Also read: Four effective ways to balance your cortisol level in one day)

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