Why you wake up at the same time every night

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wake time every night

Everyone’s body has an internal cycle of waking and sleeping, but if you often wake up during the night at the same time without any alarm, it may reflect something significant about your health. According to studies, energy runs through a different meridian of your body at different times of the day. And if you are waking up at the particular time during the night, the energy is blocked or misdirected.

The amount of sleep and times of sleep will vary from person to person and will also change with age, with most people needing less sleep as they get older.

Here is a list of times and the reasons why you wake up during the night at the same time.

9 pm to 11 pm
This is an average time when people try to fall asleep. If you have trouble falling asleep at this time, you are mentally stuck in the events of the day or preparing for next day’s challenge. Moreover, If you are eating poorly or too late in the day, this can also cause blockages in the energy. Meditation, positive affirmations and muscle relaxation exercises are the best treatment to get rid of this problem.

11 pm to 1 am
You could be emotionality low if you are waking up between 1 1 pm and 1 am. During this time the gall bladder is active and various emotions also relate to it. The best way to converse energy for this time is to reinforce self-love and appreciation, do your best to stay calm.

1 am to 3 am
You are experiencing built-up anger if you wake up between 1-3am. This energy is associated with liver and liver is linked with anger. To get rid of this, drinking a glass of cool water before bed may help you. However, find the source of anger and eliminate it permanently for the longer term.

3 am to 5 am
Waking up at this time relate to lungs and sadness. It is also an indication that the universe is trying to direct attention towards the higher purpose. Meditation may help you to sleep better.

5 am to 7 am
Eating late or following a poor diet can wake you up at this time. The Large intestine is active during this time. Simple stretching stiff muscles and emptying your bladder can resolve the problem.

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