What is the relationship between creativity and spirituality

What is the relationship between creativity and spirituality

People always think of creativity as a rare gift that is limited to some people only. However, this is quite far from the truth, creativity simply means expressing yourself in any manner. It can be using paints, words, dance, music or anything else. When you are in harmony with your mind then creativity is not some far-fetched dream. For achieving the harmony it is important to be at peace with your inner self, that simply means awakening your spiritual self. When you are at peace with your spiritual side only then you can unleash your creativity in the best possible manner. It is important to understand that creativity and spirituality are the two sides of the same coin. (Also read: What are the mistake you make)

How is creativity linked to spirituality?
Spirituality simply means being in harmony with your soul. It is a process of questioning your purpose, your goals and your place in the greater scheme of life. When you are on a spiritual journey, then you’ll find your mind bursting with emotions and expression. This is where the creativity comes in. You can use creativity to make the best of this outburst. You can use words, music, paint or dance or anything you want to express your spiritual creativity. It is your choice. (Also read: The spiritual awakening after 40)

Spiritual creativity has no limits
Sometimes even the most creative people suffer from a creative block. As a result, they find it hard to express their creative side. However, when you connect spirituality with creativity, you find a never ending reserve of positive energy and thoughts. This your creative side will never suffer from lack of idea and inspiration. Your spiritual journey is the guiding light for your creative journey.

How can you connect both?
Spiritual experience is not something you can find on the outside. Therefore, it is a way that you have to follow on your own. Simple ways like meditation, reading, listening to music can help you with your spiritual journey. Therefore, in turn, it will help you in your creative journey. (Also read: How can you improve your spiritual health)

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