What Are The Myths About Spirituality?

What Are The Myths About Spirituality?

People blindly believe in myths related to spirituality. They cannot bring the ideas and concepts they behold in simple ways. It makes them struggle more to find the right ways. While practising spirituality, you might face a lot of problems, making you believe in myths resulting in losing faith in it.

Let us explain the actual facts about spirituality from which you can get a clear idea about the myths.

Myth 1: Spiritual people are lost in a fantasy world:
There may be some people who live in a fantasy world without having real spiritual awareness, and they are the ones who are spreading myths about spirituality. Truly spiritual people are not detached from reality, they are the most balanced and realistic people in this world. They seek the reality around and within them. The world of spirituality is not a “fantasy world”, rather it is about understanding your inner self.

Myth 2: Spiritual people are not prosperous and enjoy life:
Spiritual people are always full of love and enough of open nature to accept everyone. While it is true that spirituality does not encourage greed which is why materialistic things in this world do not bother spiritual people. They are aware that money is a resource for their living. Hence, supporting a spiritual cause of raising consciousness could be better than wasting money and resources on activities that merely promote ill-health and unhappiness around us.

Myth 3: Spiritual people always have to be nice:
Being nice to someone does not mean just impressing or pleasing them. Spiritual people know how to keep peace in the world which is much bigger than being nice. The word “nice” is one of the most misused words in this world. This word affects our day to day lives and mindset. Inspired acts of generosity are much different from being nice to other people just to please them. Spirituality is the spontaneous act of kindness. If the kindness comes automatically from your side,  you are spiritual from your heart, but if you are doing it to please someone then you are fake and pretending. So, niceness is something which has to come spontaneously.

Myth 4: To be spiritual means to stop being human:
Being spiritual does not mean that they people do not get angry or sad or they do not face difficulties. Rather, they prefer to stay calm and nice always. They are human beings like us, and not God. But, it’s their thought process and connectivity that make them different from us. Being spiritual does not make you inhuman, but it makes you perfect.

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