What are the mistake you make while embarking the spiritual journey

What are the mistake you make while embarking the spiritual journey

The spiritual journey is the most beautiful journey a man or a woman can ever take. It is about leaving the natural life behind and starting a journey towards a higher energy or higher power. This journey is amazing for your mind and for your soul as well. However, there are many things that can go wrong in your spiritual journey. This journey can completely turn your life’s direction. The spiritual journey is a divine experience that helps you to understand the real meaning of life and what should be your priority. Therefore it is important to keep yourself away from making these mistakes. (Also read: How to achieve spiritual awakening after 40)

Seeking answers from outside
When you start your spiritual journey, the most basic mistake that you can make is seeking answers from outside. If you are hung up on the world outside then it is a high possibility that you won’t be able to step away from regular events. You might move on from one spiritual mentor to another as you constantly seek answers from them. The only who is going to answer your questions is you, yourself. This is what the spiritual journey is all about.

Feeling superior to others who have not started their journey
The main objective of a spiritual journey is to turn into a kinder person. It is about letting go of your ego and selfish ways. When you start acting superior to other as you are more in harmony with your soul, then you are defeating the purpose of the spiritual journey. (Also read: How can you improve your spiritual health)

Attachment to the spiritual side

The obsession with anything is unhealthy. Same is the case with your spiritual side. Your spiritual journey is supposed to make you feel more connected with yourself. So, it is not an escape from the real life.

Think of spiritual journey as a destination oriented track
Your spiritual journey is not about the destination. It is a constant process that has no end. It is about learning something new every day and moving forward. (Also read: Why you wake up at the same time every night)

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