How is visiting temple beneficial for our health

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How is visiting temple beneficial for our health

Those who believe in God, know the importance of visiting the temple. For the rest of the people, it is necessary to know that visiting temple not only helps to keep the evil spirits away from you but also helps you to maintain the peace of mind. There is a whole aura of positivity and vibrancy in the temple which cleanses the mind, body and soul altogether. The sound of the bell, the fragrance of incense sticks, chanting of mantras, an offering of Prasad etc. It all gives us new hopes, inculcates positivity and empties our fear. It’s human nature that whenever we are scared of anything, we often pray to the God. Thus, visiting the temple helps us in multiple ways. Besides this, it even helps us to carry our culture and religion forward. (Also read: What are the spiritual secrets one must know)

How is visiting temple beneficial for our health?

Helps to take in the positive vibes: We often enter the temple barefoot in order to take up the natural positivity from the ground. There are pure vibrations n the temple, which directly mingles with our body once we enter the temple barefoot. Temple has the good conductors of positivity which helps to relax the mind and brings state of peace.

Burning of camphor and incense sticks: Burning camphor and incense sticks in the temple helps us to have a better eyesight. When we offer the prayers to the God or the deity, we feel delighted. However, moving the hands over the flames and then touching our head, initiates the sense of touch in our body. (Also read: How To Balance Your Mind, Body & Soul)

Offering flowers: When we offer flowers to the deity or God in the temple, it enhances our sense of smell. It helps to calm our mind with the soothing fragrance of the flowers. Not just this, touching of flowers helps us to have a better sense of touch as they are soft and fragile.

Ringing the bell in the temple: The bell of the temple creates an aura of positivity. It keeps the negative spirits far off from us. It leads to harmony and connects both mind and soul together. Besides this, the bell is made of strong metals and touching them provides coolness to the body. Not just this, it also awakens our hearing sense and thus it is extremely beneficial for the body.

Taking circles around the temple(Parikrama): It is one of the most important rituals which states that we are following the path of righteousness. While we walk around in a circle in the temple, it helps us to enhance the positivity in us and take up more good vibes. It also ensures good health and well being of a person.

Not just this, offering prasad in the temple and tasting the gangajal(holy water) helps to awaken our sense of taste. It cleanses our mind, body and soul altogether with their holiness. (Also read: What are the ways to detox your soul)

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