Signs that you know the person from past life

Signs that you know the person from past life

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We meet many people in our life. Some stay long while others are for a short span of time. However, there are some people with whom we feel a strong connection. Even if we have not known them for long, still there is some sort of aura which captivates us to them. Hence, this attraction is a cause of your past relationship with that person. Our souls are free, they do not move by time and distance. Thus, they meet each other

There are some signs which convey that we have known the other individual in the past. Hence, to know these signs you need to go through this article:

A sudden vibe of knowing the other:
We meet and have met many people in life. However, there is one person whom you met at a time and got a strange vibe of knowing that person since a long time. The vibe is so positive that you both tend to engage in conversation like you have known each other since ages. Moreover, there are also cases where you have not known the person but a sight of his/her makes you feel disappointed. This is because their soul might have hurt yours anytime. These are the instant connections which you observe when you have known the person in the past.

Your eyes speak:
“Eyes speak a lot more than the spoken words can”. Hence, when you meet a person with whom you have a past connection, you get hypnotised by the way they look at you. The strong gazing eyes will speak to you lot more than the words. You get carried away just by the way of their vision.

Telepathic connection:
Your connection seems telepathic. Means, that whatever thoughts are wandering in your mind and whatsoever you are going to stay is exactly same as the other person. You both communicate your thoughts which tell that you have a past acquaintance between you.

These are the three major signs which tell that you have known the person in the past and have a strong connection with them.

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