Reconnect Yourself With Spirituality When You Feel Depleted

Reconnect Yourself With Spirituality When You Feel Depleted

Spiritual practice is an opportunity to connect and communicate with your own self. Many people practice spirituality without even realising what they are doing and gets swayed. There’s so much beauty in a spiritual practice. With mindfulness and creativity, it’s easy to refresh your practice and your spiritual connection.

While there is a long list of ways to recharge your spiritual battery. Below mentioned are few important.

Find comfort in a community:
A spiritual practice can often feel like a very solitary experience — you meditate, pray, or take a long walk by yourself. But there is great comfort and connection in a spiritual community, too. This doesn’t have to be a church, though that’s a common option. You might also join a drum circle, take a class on intuition, or spend time at a concert with like-minded friends where the music truly moves you. Finding and spending time with a community of people who support and align with your spiritual beliefs is one of the easiest ways to reignite your own spiritual connection — and it gives you the accountability that ensures you don’t lose that spark again.
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Practice spreading the love:
Spiritual practice is about remembering love. And one of the best ways you can remember this is by sharing that love with other people. You can recharge your own spiritual battery by starting a practice of spreading love to even those you don’t know.

Take a personal retreat:
Spiritual practice simply requires reconnecting with yourself. This can take as much (or as little) time and money as you have to allot to it. Simply carve out some space in your schedule — whether it’s one hour or three days try to spend some alone time. Reconnecting with your spiritual practice is important. Make a light agenda for yourself.

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