Navratri Special: Significance of Worshiping Goddess Shailputri on Day One

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Navratri Special: Significance of Worshiping Goddess Shailputri on Day One

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Navratri fasts are a period of nine days of worshipping nine different manifestations of Goddess Durga. Each day is dedicated to a different diety and holds a religious significance. This auspicious period of nine days is very significant for the Hindu families and is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. People follow the rituals and worship the goddess with full devotion. Observing fast, doing charity, following the righteous path are some of the common practices that people follow.

What is the process of offering prayer during Navratri fast?
On this first day, the kalash is established and is filled with fertile soil and seeds. These seeds sprout up during these 9 days and suggest good fortune and success in life. Besides this, the priest is invited at home for the religious ceremony and hawan.

What is the significance of the first day of Navratri fast?
The first day is dedicated to goddess Shailputri, who is a daughter of King Parvatraj Himalaya. The entire aura during these 9 pious days is pure and positive. Worshipping goddess Shailputri brings the special powers to the devotee and also welcomes his/her journey to the world of spirituality. Goddess Shailputri is another name for Goddess Parvati. Chanting this religious mantra will help you to provide immense peace yo the mind, body and soul. It is one of the ways to discover oneself as goddess Shailputri rediscovered her from being a Sati in previous birth to being Goddess Parvati in the next.

By chanting this pious mantra one can worship Goddess Shailputri :
Vande Vanchhitalabhay Chandrardhakritshekharam
Vrisharudham Shooldharam Shailputreem Yashasvineem

What do we learn by worshipping Goddess Shailputri?
By worshipping goddess Shailputri, we not only get access to peace and good fortune, but it also saves us from the bad effect of Moon. This is because of the fact that Goddess Shailputri governs the Moon. If there are any bad effects of Moon on the people, it can be regulated by worshipping goddess Shailputri. However, worshipping goddess Shailputri or any other form of Goddess Durga kills the negative energy from the body. It also helps to allow the follow of positivity and immense energy in our body. Worshipping goddess Shailputri helps to inculcate good fortune in our life. Goddess Shailputri is an epitome of power and love. She helps her devotees to create a sense of awareness in oneself and learning the true principles of life.

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