Navratri Special: How Hawan Helps Us Both In Spiritual And Scientific Ways

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Navratri Special: How Hawan helps us both in spiritual and scientific ways

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Hawan is the spiritual connection with the divine. In Hinduism, Hawan is often considered as the most pious and highly practised form of worshipping. Whenever any auspicious occasion takes place in Hindu family, we often perform Hawan or Yagya. It is a way to please the Gods and invite their presence in the ceremony. However, most of us only connect Hawan with a spiritual connection with the Almighty. We must tell you a thing for a fact, that not only just spiritual, Hawan also helps us scientifically as well. There is no denying a fact, that by performing Hawan, is a holy way of remembering God and offering them devotion. But in a more practical approach, it is like purifying the atmosphere for making a better living. (Also read: Navratri Special: Goddess Mahakali helps to turn anger into positive and powerful self)

How does Hawan help in a spiritual manner?

Hawan has many spiritual benefits. The main purpose of Hawan is to get rid of the negative energies and make space for new positive vibes.

  • It helps to purify the mind, body and soul from the various ill deeds and pleasing God to burn our misdeeds with the fire in the Hawan kund.
  • The chanting of verses and various mantras while performing Hawan helps to get rid of the evil spirits and scare them.
  • The main motto behind doing a Hawan is to please the God and seek blessings. It also suggests that while we do something good to the environment, environment also helps us with good in return. (Also read: What is the relationship between creativity and spirituality)

How does Hawan help in a scientific manner?
While the Hawan is performed, the air surrounding us gets purified. The impurities of the air get clean and the continuous practice of Hawan keeps the flow of fresh air all around.

  • The ingredients used in Hawan kund are all natural and have certain properties that have amazing health benefits.
    Mango leaves help to release formic aldehyde which is good to burn down the harmful bacteria.
  • Ghee plays a vital role while the Hawan is performed. It helps to purify the atmosphere by going up in the air. However, it then reciprocates in the form of rain in near future. It also helps to reduce the effect of harmful radiation on the Earth.
  • Hawan also helps to create a nice aromatic fragrance all around. The herbs and ingredients that are offered in the fire help to remove the foul smell from the atmosphere.
  • When we inhale the fresh air produced from the Hawan, it helps to cleanse our windpipe and brings peace to our mind. We often switch to artificial means to relax our minds, however, we should just go for Hawan and calm our mind naturally. (Also read: Does spirituality have a place in fast paced society)
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