What Is Namaste And What Does It Actually Mean

What Is Namaste And What Does It Actually Mean

Being an Indian, we think Namaste is all about just a gesture to welcome or greet anyone. It even reflects our culture and civilisation from past many decades. But let us tell you, Namaste has a lot more meanings than what we think. This amazing gesture has scientific benefits of Yoga and meditation. ‘Nama’ means bow and that is why this gesture has a lot of meaning in greeting and welcoming something from your upper body using your arms. But if you think that Namaste and Namaskar are same them also you have to read this article. Have a look at the basics of namaste. (Also Read: Amazing Things Spiritual People Do)

What is the difference between Namaste and Namaskar:
The word ‘Namah’ means ‘Salutation’. These amazing Sanskrit words have very deep meanings. In fact, when you pronounce few Sanskrit words, they can incredibly help your inner body to generate energy and power. You may know that ‘OM’, ‘Namah’ words have health benefits too and that is why people use these words while doing meditation and yoga.

What Is Namaste And What Does It Actually Mean
So, here ‘Namah’ sands for Salutation and ‘te’ means “to you.” So, these words together mean “salutation to you.” On the other side, Namaskar also has a meaningful gesture. Although there are a lot of controversies people do in applying the right word in the right position. But still, both of the words have meaningful benefits in Yoga. So, here ‘Namaskaara’ translates to “salutation,” ‘kaara’ translates to “doing.” Hence, these words together make “I pay my salutations.” (Also Read: Reconnect Yourself With Spirituality When You Feel Depleted)

What is the spiritual meaning of Namaste:
Namaste is a beautiful gesture which says, I am paying obeisance to the soul in the other. When you pronounce Namaste by folding both the elbows and touching the palms, it creates a vibration inside you. This vibration loops the bliss to pass positive energy into the one who is receiving the gesture. Then the pure, spiritual heart and Chakras connect with the divine saying.

During meditation, Namaste stands for purity and a medium which connects mind and your soul together. When you pronounce this word from your inner side, the word vibrates on your brain and helps to connect your inner self to the divine knowledge. That is why experts say, pronouncing Namaste during meditation is amazing to boost your concentration and focus. (Also Read: How to be spiritual at your work place?)

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