How to go spiritual in modern ways

How to go spiritual in modern ways

This world is a difficult place to live in. It is hectic, disturbing, boring and many more to count on. Going spiritual is the only way out which can offer a bit of solace. It can bring some positive vibes into our lives.

Although spirituality is not as fancier as it appears to be, here are some ways you can try in this modern world.

Picking up a guru (guide) is the first step to go spiritual. Pick someone you admire much and make him your guide, no matter if he is a historical figure, a fictional one, a celebrity or a family member, go catch him.

Pay attention to everything, especially things like coincidences, which happen all the time, they can be your guide as well.

Colour therapy:
Colours can evoke feelings and energy, so make the best use out of them to channel a feeling. Wear red to stay grounded, orange to stimulate creativity, yellow and gold for strength and joy, green for personal growth, blue for increased communication and logic, and purple for mysticism.

Burning sage:
Smudging is useful to cleanse your space or smell good, it is an ancient practice used for healing and bring some energy, it involves burning dried herbs.

Pay attention to dreams:
Go, pay attention to your dreams. It can give some good vibes.

Keep relationships:
Tell people why you like them and how they make your life better, both you and they will feel happy.

Letting anger or grudges out of your body means getting those negative feelings out of your body so they don’t weigh so heavily on you.

Burn the negative thoughts:
Negative thoughts like things people have said to you, bad things they did to you, negative self-talk and insecurities, they always keep on haunting you. Unless you leave them they won’t leave you. So let them go.

Natural sea salt bath:
Take a relaxing bath with natural sea salts. The ocean has a long history of being used for its healing powers. You will feel better.

Think of things you’re grateful for:
Every day when getting out of the bed, think about things which you are really grateful for life. This is one of the most spiritual things you can do as they channel you to the right path.

Connect to the world through nature:
Just feel the nature. Thus, go for a long walk and make an effort to feel everything around you, sounds, smells, sensations, colours, etc take it all in.

Choose a mantra:
Choosing a mantra can empower you thus make you more inspired when you repeat it. Keep chanting, again and again, will bring good in your life.

Technology fast:
Take a break from technologies for a certain period, don’t give up them fully.

Visualisation a guide:
You won’t have the luxury of a guiding person always standing beside you. Just visualise their presence and act.

Breathing exercises:
Breathe in for four seconds, hold it for two seconds, and breathe out for six seconds.

Brew a mug of tea and take your time:
Sit with a cup of tea or a glass of wine and be alone with your thoughts.

Go stargazing:
Ponder about the universe, hunt for constellations. Look at the stars. All of them are your own.

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