How God Speaks To Us In The Tough Times

How God speaks to us in the tough times

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Often in life, there are moments when you are full of self-doubt and confusion about life. In such times the darkness is so powerful that we are unable to hear the spiritual side of our mind. These testing times are often the reason that we find it hard to put our trust in God. However, it is important to remember that God is always there for us, even when we don’t notice. In the dark times too the higher power never leaves our hand. All you need to do is to recognize as how God speaks to us in various ways every day. (Also read: How can you achieve spiritual mastery)

In stressful times, nature offers a perfect escape. When life gets overbearing and hard nature calms the troubled mind. It is a perfect example of Almighty’s love.

Often people underestimate the power of prayers performed with a pure heart and soul. When you are praying to the God you focus entirely on positive thoughts. This way you stay calm and feel positivity in your heart and soul. (Also read: Does spirituality have a place in fast-paced society)

Through friends and family
In difficult times nothing is more soothing than friends and family’s kind other. Their beliefs and ideas reflect on you are your life. God helps you to follow the right by making your friends and family a medium for the same.

With subtle signs of his support
Even in the grimmest times, if you notice carefully you will find a light of positivity. This is God’s way of bringing you out of the tough times. It is important to remember that tough times are the true test of our faith and determination, but even in the toughest times, you will find your spiritual side on your side.

Hope and spirit
The only thing that brings us the motivation to move forward in life is hope. Hope is nothing but a way of God’s connection with you. Hope and the positive spirit can save you in the worst time. (Also read: How spirituality helps to live a practical life)

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