Dusshera Festival: What Are The Important Lesson Which We Learn

Dusshera Festival: What Are The Important Lesson Which We Learn

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After the celebration of nine holy days of Navratri, the most awaited celebration of Dusshera arrives. Dusshera marks the celebration of victory over the evil forces. The tale of Dusshera states that after a long war between Lord Rama and Demon King Raavan, the righteous and good spirit of Lord Rama won. Dusshera is widely celebrated all over the India. All people of all age groups, all classes and clan unite together to witness the symbolic burning of Raavan. This festival is not just a grand festival, it also contains deep meaning. Raavan was an extremely powerful King, he was also blessed with the power of ten heads but instead of turning to the holy path, he decided to misuse his power for evil purposes. He abducted the pure and Godly Maa Sita. All this happened because he believed that he was invincible.

So, his defeat was not just a battle victory but also a lesson for everyone that evil can’t prevail for a long time period and in the end, the truth shall win. Nowadays people are so focused on the celebration of Dusshera that they often forget the real meaning behind the celebration. There are many important life lessons that the festival of Dusshera. (Also read: Navratri Special: How Hawan Helps Us Both In Spiritual And Scientific Ways)

Truth and Justice shall always win
It might seem difficult to believe at times but the victory of Lord Rama shows us that in the end, the truth wins. Lord Rama faced many hurdles in his quest for victory against the powerful King Ravan. However, Lord Rama’s honestly won against all odds.

Ego is the root cause of evil
Ravan was the most learned scholar of all times but instead of using his intelligence for the welfare of humanity, he became egoist about it. When you are full of ego then you start to lose the real sense of life. Ego prevents a person from making the right decisions. This is exactly what happened with Raavan. (Also read: Navratri Special: How does fasting help to detoxify the body)

Burn the negative thoughts and intentions
When you witness the burning of Raavan you feel happy knowing that it symbolises the burning of the evil. In the same way, it is important for you to burn your negative traits as well. Maybe it is the habit of short temper or anything else. Then it is the perfect time to get rid of these negative thoughts.

Don’t disrespect women
The whole war began when Raavan disrespected Maa Sita. She was a lady of virtue and righteousness. Raavan dared to take her away from her husband Raavan. This action led to the destruction of his whole clan. This is the most important teaching of Dusshera. If you disrespect a woman then you have to bear the consequences.

Never put someone down
It is important to be humble towards everyone you meet. This is the mistake that Raavan made. He believed that Lord Rama’s army of monkey will never win against him. However, he lost the war. So, it is important to never put someone down. (Also read: Navratri Special: How to lose weight with liquid diet during fasts)

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