Signs of emotional eating: Which signs reveals that you are doing emotional eating

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How to recognize emotional eating

Sings of emotional eating: Emotional eating is bad for health

Emotional eating is defined as the practice of consuming food in large quantity in response to feelings, not hunger. It is a way to curb negative emotions like stress, anger, fear, boredom, sadness and loneliness. The main reasons for emotional eating are major life events or trouble of daily life and cause health-related problems. Emotional eating has nothing to do with your appetite. Many times people do not even know that they are doing emotional eating. Only you can stop emotional eating yourself. For this, you must be aware of the signs that reveal you are doing emotional eating. (Also read: How to stop emotional eating)

Emotional eating: Let’s know about signs of emotional eating

  • You are in stress while eating
  • You eat too much
  • You eat to stay happy
  • You eat unhealthily
  • You come in stress state after food is finished
  1. You are in stress while eating
    The major sign of emotional eating is the stress. When you eat anything, the stress is reduced and after the meal ends, the stress increases and you get used to it constantly.
  2. You eat too much

    Signs of emotional eating: Eating too much is a sign of emotional eating.

    You eat excessive food despite not feeling hunger. This is a sign of emotional eating. In this condition, you can not avoid food. (Also read: Eating more: Are you overeating without even realizing)

  3. You eat to stay happy
    You eat food to stratify your emotions, not hunger. In this condition, you get positive thoughts while eating and you keep on eating to stay happy.
  4. You eat unhealthy food
    During emotional eating, people eat unhealthy food items like cake and cream. Such foods make you feel good because you eat them without worrying about health.
  5. You come in stress state after food is finished
    Emotional eating is a way to reduce stress. As long as you eat you are happy but as soon as your food is finished you become sad again.

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All these signs show that you are not eating food due to hunger but to stratify emotions which can be detrimental to health. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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