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How to lead a spiritual life every day

How to lead a spiritual life every day

If you are spiritual, you should be knowing few things to lead your life peacefully and spiritually. Let us know about the tips which could make you stay spiritual every time and would help you lead a devoted life.

Few Myths And Facts About Mental Illness

Few Myths And Facts About Mental Illness

Someone with a mental health problem doesn’t even realize it because they remain active and productive all the time. So, now let us know about all the myths related to mental illness.

Some Common Mental Illness in Women

Some Common Mental Illnesses in Women

There are many mental illnesses which affect women badly for some certain reason. Female hormones often undergo changes and cause mood swings along with depression.

Common mistakes to avoid during meditation

Common mistakes to avoid during meditation

The benefits of meditation are manifold but to maximise the benefits, consistency is the key. One of the biggest benefits of meditation is that it helps to calm the mind. Meditation calls for regular practise in a peaceful environment.

What are the Myths And Facts Of Happiness

What Are The Myths And Facts Of Happiness

Happiness is not just a feeling of senses, it is something which connects your mind and heart both. which is a rare connection. People generally misconceive happiness by the outer self of any individual. But the inner-self is more about being happy. Let us find out the myths about this and explore the facts along.

How social media can ruin your happiness

How social media can ruin your happiness

Social media can affect the brain in a crucial way. Like watching a food photograph on Instagram can trigger hunger in your bellies, bring cravings for food. This would affect us changing the food habits and build appetites on the wrong time.

How To Deal With Teenage Depression?

How To Deal With Teenage Depression

Teenage is a crucial period of our lives which brings a lot of physical and mental changes. Teenagers suffer from depression during this time. Though, symptoms of depression among teens are similar to that of adults which cause a change in the behaviour. Know more about teenage depression.