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How happiness helps to boost the body immunity

How happiness helps to boost the body immunity

Happiness is a key to boost the body’s immunity. If you are happy inside out, then your body will remain healthy and fit for a longer period of time. Happiness is the ultimate medicine to a blissful life.

How to deal with depression naturally

How to deal with depression naturally

Depression is one of the most dangerous state of mind. Dealing with it is equally difficult, hence one should rely upon natural sources to come out of depression. It’s a misinterpretation that only medicines could deal with depression.

How can parents help a depressed teen

How can parents help a depressed teen

Suicide risk is alarmingly high in teens due to depression, so it is imperative to take such thoughts seriously. Along with mental health, the physical health of a teen is also important. Inactivity, poor sleep and diet can compound depression.

Which habits are worsening your depression

Effective Ways To Deal With Depression

Depression is a mental illness. The way you treat your physical illness, mental illness needs the same treatment. You just have to make yourself stronger and see how things working easily.

How to start your day with happiness

How to start your day with happiness

Happiness is a key to success. A happy day is necessary to remain healthy and keep the environment lively. Let’s have a look at how one can begin the day with happy and smiling faces.