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A brief guide to practice different types of meditation

A brief guide to practice different types of meditation

Meditation is not only sitting in a yoga posture but a lot more than that. There are many types of meditations which focus on increasing concentration, creativity, mindfulness and so on. Thus, you should be aware of the facts and guidlines of different types of meditation.

meditation can help you to have better sleep

Meditation can help you to have better sleep

Sleep disorder is a common problem among many of us. Meditation is the best way to tackle this situation. It calms down your mind and bestow you peace. So you need to know how does meditation help you to better sleep.

Tips to stay happy and healthy

Tips to stay happy and healthy

Struggling to find happiness in your life? Not much has to be done to stay happy and healthy. There are certain elements that constantly hinder our happiness. And dealing with such elements is the need of the hour. Stay happily healthy!

Why is it difficult for intelligent people to stay happy

Why is it difficult for intelligent people to stay happy

Staying happy becomes very difficult for intelligent people. There are various reasons which lead to an unhappy state of intelligent people. Intelligent people have the habit of over analyzing everything that often leaves them disappointed. But one certainly has to cope up with it.

Seven common myths associated with depression

Seven common myths associated with depression

Depression and myths go hand-in-hand. There are many facts about depression which are wrongly known to all. People usually make up stories when it comes to depression without finding out what actually it is! Depression is a mental state of mind which binds a person in it’s clutches terribly.

Effective Ways To Recover From Depression?

Effective Ways To Recover From Depression

People usually struggle to recover from the depressed state of mind. However, one should eliminate depression completely by getting a proper treatment. One should make proper efforts to eradicate depression and recover from it.

Mental Health Issues Common in Women

Mental Health Issues Common in Women

Mental health issues are experienced by both men and women but, due to various hormonal changes and challenging lifestyle women tend to suffer more from it. Stress, Depression and Anxiety are some issues found common in every second woman.

Why practising meditation is helpful

Why practicing meditation is helpful

Meditation is something which is essential to keep our mental health stronger. It has various benefits in every aspect of human life. Let us know about the benefits we can get from meditation.

Important exercises to cope with depression

Important exercises to cope with depression

Exercise helps to release the stress from the body and make us help to fight the depression. Not only medications but a proper fitness and exercise regime can help to come out of the clutches of depression.