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six proven ways to improve memory

Six proven ways to improve memory

If you are forgetting things frequently and facing issues then practice meditation. Some believe that memory slip-ups happen when they get older but there is no truth in it. Only meditation improves the overall health of the brain.

Know the signs of stress before it overtakes you 

Know the signs of stress before it overtakes you 

There is a point when stress overtakes you completely and became very harmful for your health. The people who suffer from stress can not control it but they can manage the same if they are aware of the symptoms.

wake time every night

Why you wake up at the same time every night

The amount of sleep and time of sleeping will vary from person to person. But If you often wake up at night at the same time, it may reflect something significant about you and your health.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Meditation

What Are The Health Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation has immense health benefits, especially in today’s drastically changing lifestyle. Through meditation, we can overcome many physical and mental health problems which are stealing our comfort.

Habits Which Steal Our Happiness Right Away

Habits Which Steal Our Happiness Right Away

We are the slaves of habits. Unfortunately, there are a lot of habits which can snatch our happiness right away. Habits can be controlled but happiness is uncontrollable. So we should be aware of the habits which shorten our happiness and bring griefs in our lives.