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Letting go of expectation

How to let go of unhealthy expectations

Having expectation in life is completely natural. You have the expectation on the basis of what kind of person you are, but sometimes these expectations turn unhealthy.

Calm your nerves, how to calm your nerves

How to calm your nerves easily and quickly

Calm your nerves: One needs to feel relaxed and calm down the nerves. There are times when we realise how our nerves go out of our control and make us anxious. Thus, managing the nerves in a natural way is what you can do to feel better.

Foods to improve mental health

Mental Health: Foods to improve mental health

Mental Health: Healthy lifestyle, healthy eating and regular exercise can help you to improve your mental health. Apart from this, consumption of fruits and vegetables is also very beneficial for your mental health. Some foods have sufficient nutrients that help in boosting mental health.

Controlling perosn

Signs that you are a controlling person

Controlling person: There are certain people who like to live life in an exactly planned way, these people are in fact controlling. If you are one as well then you will recognize the signs of a controlling person.