What Are The Words You Should Never Say To Children

What Are The Words You Should Never Say To Children

Children are sensitive and for their proper upbringing, parents have to remain calm and quiet. By this, it does not mean to tolerate their tantrums rather, understanding their approach towards different things. The mental state of a child is delicate hence, the words which parents use must be so that it cannot hamper their mental health. [Also Read: Why Human Brains Are Not Designed To Restore Memories]

There are few words which all parents should never say to their children as these words have a negative effect on the mental state of the little one.

‘Stop Crying Right Now’:
Often parents tell their children to stop crying immediately but, the statement here is extremely wrong. Children express their emotions through crying and parents should not suppress them. By this statement, you are only making your child believe that emotions do not stand anywhere.

The Other Ones Are Doing Better:
The biggest mistake which parents commit is of comparing their children to others. Please stop making a comparison in between your children or others. Your child has a different approach to things. May be he or she excel in one area and the other ones do not even know about it. Therefore, do not tell them that others are doing better, may be your child does something good which you often overlook. [Also Read: Important Tips To Increase Your Memory Power]

I Do So Much For You:
Another misleading statement is making your child realise that you do so much for them. Being a parent it is your duty to take care of your child. Therefore, why are you making those things count and holding it against them? Being a parent, you have to fulfil your responsibilities and that does not mean that you’ll torture your child.

You Are A Bad Child:
You cannot judge that your child is good or bad. He or she may do something wrong but that doesn’t mean that you’ll challenge their overall personality. By this statement, your child may lose self-interest and confidence hence, never say such word.

You Are Not Worthy:
Everyone who exists is worthy and being judgmental is offensive. Your child seeks your approval before opting for any task and if they will get the vibe of you judging them then how will they accept challenges in life.

Hence, for the proper upbringing of your child, you have to be very accurate in your words and actions. Being a parent, you are a mirror to your child and it is only by you, they see the world. So, make your world more beautiful to blossom your kid in a healthy manner. [Also Read: How To Build Self Confidence From Scratch]

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