Why perfection is bad for your mental health

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Perfection is bad for you

Perfection is actually bad for you

There are many people who think that the only way to succeed in life is through perfection. Perfection means doing every single thing in the right way or manner. This tendency eventually turns into an obsession and you can’t rest until you achieve your idea of perfection. People might think that when they are focusing on perfection, they are turning more productive. However, this is a myth as the quest for perfection leads to stress and anxiety. It is better to leave room for human error cause sometimes while looking for perfection you are leaving your mental peace behind. (Also read: Importance of failure: Life lessons you learn when you fail)

Perfection is bad reasons:

  • Stress
  • Constant anxiety
  • Lack of risk
  • Missing out on personal time
  • No creative space

Those of us who are constantly seeking perfection in life, are also seeking stress at the same time. This stress is a result of trying to achieve an impossible target.  (Also read: De-stress in one minute- Tips to relax in just 60 seconds)

Constant anxiety

Perfection is not good for you
Attempt to gain perfection leads to anxiety

The aspiration to achieve perfection is not just loaded with stress, it leads to anxiety as well. You feel restless and worried about not meeting the demands. All this makes your full of anxiety. (Also read: What are the Natural Ways To Relieve Your Anxiety )

Lack of risk
Anyone who wants to achieve perfection in life lives the life in a calculated manner. Thus, there is not any room for risk-taking. Sometimes the right risk in life can turn your whole world around for the better. This can’t happen if you are striving for perfection all the time. (Also read: How to bounce back from failures and setbacks)

Missing out on personal time

Dark side of perfection
You miss out on self -worth due to perfection

When you are seeking the idea of perfection, you start to sacrifice your personal life for it. There is not enough room for personal time and bonds. So, you start to miss out on self-care and relaxing your self-worth. (Also read: What are the ways to value your self worth)

No creative space
For creatively to bloom, you need to relax and let your mind wander. So, in the journey of perfection, you don’t have the time to be creative or to explore new options.

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So, stay off the idea of perfection. Click the link to read this Hindi.

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