Why Lazy people are actually highly efficient

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Why Lazy people are actually highly efficient

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All our lives we are told that willpower is the key to success. Since childhood, we are taught to believe in this idea only. But this is not the absolute truth. As surprising as it sounds, laziness to has its own importance in our lives. The right amount of laziness can help a person to find better ways to address the tasks in hand. Lazy people are productive, efficient and believe it or not they are the real smart workers!  Here are the advantages that lazy people have over others. [Also read: Why Human Brains Are Not Designed To Restore Memories]

Lazy people are highly efficient
Laziest people are innovators. People who value laziness above everything have a way of working around the daily hassle. They also think of new ways to ensure better productivity and less labour. So, in the bigger picture, they are highly efficient.

Napping makes you more productive
Lazy people believe in the power of quick power naps. Often napping is considered harmful for the productivity. Small naps actually help the brain to relax and find better ways to focus. It makes a person more energised and better prepared for the work cycle. [Also read: Common Things Mentally Strong People Always Do]

Laziness provides the body to rest
Everyday hectic life and stress of competition can wear and tear the body. In the rat race of winning material gain, laziness provides a way to stay calm. Our body is a delicate machinery. Without sufficient rest, it is also hard to maintain its efficiency and productivity. Laziness helps the body to rest and repair the wear and tear.

Laziness is a way of meditation
Slothfulness or laziness means not making much effort to participate in physical activity. In some ways, it is similar to the process of meditation. Like meditation, it helps to lower the anxiety, reduce the pain and relieve the mind of all negative stress.

Monotasking is a way to concentrate better
In simple words, people who push themselves in every direction lose their concertation on a single one. However, lazy people believe in performing one task at a time. Which is why they have better concertation and they come up with better results.

So maybe it is a good time to embrace your lazy self. However, remember everything is better in moderation. [Also read: Know how mental health is equally important as physical health]

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