Why is young generation dealing with more mental issues

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Why is young generation dealing with more mental issues

Times have changed, and with times the lifestyle has changed too. Today’s youngsters are dealing with more challenges than the generation before them. Every day there is a news about rising of stress disorder, depression and other mental issues in the generation of millennials. According to the research about mental illness in India, there is a sure rise in the mental health issues. However, the burning question is why is there an increase in mental health issues in youngsters? There are many possible causes for the same. Let’s find out about it. (Also read: What are the signs that you are dealing with an evil person)

Stress about studies, job and career
We live in a time where things are more competitive than ever. Be it education or jobs, there is a rat race going on and no one wants to lag behind. As a result of which, stress level has increased everywhere. Stress is a major cause of mental health issues.

Destination addiction syndrome
Destination addiction is a condition in which the person believes that the happiness lies in the next best thing. Maybe it is the next job, next partner or next place. Many youngsters are caught in this addiction. As a result, the feeling of satisfaction is fleeting for them.  (Also read: What are the most unusual phobias in the world)

Social media
Social media is responsible for many mental issues. It promotes a feeling of dissatisfaction and many times it leads to Procrastination. Social media can easily turn to addiction and has a very negative impact on the health.

Lack of personal bonds
Today people know all about a person but are totally unaware of the feelings and emotions. In the fast-paced life, it is hard to find time to develop meaningful bonds and relationship. This reflects the mental state of the young generation.

No contentment
Contentment is the key to happiness. However, young generation seems to have forgotten the real joy of life contentment. Over ambitions kills the peace in life, which is why youngsters feel more stressed and depressed.  (Also read: How to change negative thoughts into positive ones)

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